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Have a question? Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions which may help clarify questions that you may have:

Q: I will be taking my "O" level exams, when can I apply?

Use your Sec 4 prelims exams results to apply if your are joining a Junior College and “O” level results if you are joining a Polytechnic.

Q: Should I send my application by post?

Please give us a call at 64836236/ 64836237 to make an appointment and visit us personally with all the documents required for application.

Q: I am studying in a IP/IB school, when can I apply?

As soon as your have celebrated your 16th birthday.

Q: I did not pass my English, do I qualify?

Basic academic requirement : 5 credit passes at GCE “O” level including English, Mathematics and Science.

Q: I am slightly short of 1.62m, can I apply?

No, the minimum height requirement is 1.62m.

Q: One of my eye is below 300 deg but the other is 550 deg, can I apply?

No, both eyes must meet the eyesight requirement.

Q: How should I present myeslf while in SYFC?

Hairstyle for Guys, you may want to refer to :

Basically – short, neat and presentable hairstyle wihhout colourings, fanciful cuts and perms.

Appropriate attire (Gents and Ladies) – Jeans or long pants and collared T-shirt (tucked in) with shoes

Q: Can I go for LASIK operation and apply?

No, do not do any operations on your eye.