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DA40 Aircraft & Simulator



Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, N. A. Otto-Straße 5, A-2700 Wiener Neustadt, Austria, make the DA 40 aircraft.

General Description

The DA 40 is a single-engine, four seat, low-wing monoplane. It has a cantilever wing and a ‘T’ tail. The aircraft structure is made of fiber-reinforced composite, making it very strong but light. It has standard ailerons and electrically operated flaps. The horizontal stabilizer has a conventional elevator and a trim tab.

The wrap around canopy gives a good all-round view from the air-conditioned cockpit. A glazed left rear door gives access to the rear seats of the aircraft. The landing gear is fixed tricycle and the dual flight control system uses conventional ailerons, elevator and rudder.


The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming IO360-M1A 4 cylinder, direct drive, horizontally-opposed engine. The engine has a fuel injection system and a conventional wet-sump oil system. The 2 blade propeller is driven through a hydraulic constant-speed governor.

Avionics Systems

The DA 40 is equipped with the Garmin G1000 Integrated Flight Deck System. This full Glass-Cockpit replaces the traditional analogue instrumentation and provides the pilot all flight and systems information on 2 large, full-colour, flat-panel displays – the Primary Flight Display (PFD) and the multi-Function Display (MFD). The dual GPS system with Jeppesen database allows accurate navigation, IFR flying and instrument approaches (VOR, ILS).


DA-40 Diamond Flight Simulation Device (FTD)

The FTD is used for Cockpit Familiarisation & Checks, Flight Handling, R/T Procedures, Emergency Procedures & Instrument Flying.

The FTD is modelled closely after the original Diamond aircraft with original hardware used to achieve the most realistic cockpit environment: aircraft specific cockpit, seats, controls, pedals, throttle, etc.

The software is used to replicate aircraft, communication and navigation systems with original hardware of the glass cockpit Garmin G1000 with GDU1040 PFD, GDU1040 MFD.

Representatively, the FTD has electrically operated three-axes control loading system for primary and secondary flight controls. The instructor operating station (IOS) controls all required functionalities such as repositioning, database selection, map page, meteorological page to program static and dynamic weather situations and a malfunctions page capable of simulating malfunctions of the simulated aircraft systems .

A three-channel external visual system (EVS) with a cylindrical screen depicts about 210° horizontally and 35° vertically. The EVS also comprises of Day / Dusk / Night, Full Environment, Generic & Customised Visual Databases.

DA40 Operating Data

Aircraft Basic Weight

850 Kg / 1870 lbs (Typical)

Engine Type

Textron Lycoming IO-360MI-A
Air-cooled 4-cylinder 4-stroke Engine.
Horizontally-opposed, direct-drive with fuel injection.

Propeller Type

Hartzell Propeller HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497
Aluminum 2 blades, Diameter: 72 – 74in,

Engine Horsepower

180 HP rated at 2700 RPM

Fuel Capacity (USG)

41.2 USG

Take-Off Run (Flaps T/O)

Take-Off Run (Flaps T/O) – 1280ft
Landing Run (Flaps LDG) – 1120ft

Maximum take-off weight (GW)

1200 Kg (Normal); 980 Kg (Utility)



Service Ceiling

16400ft (5000m)