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Christmas Comes Early 2015, Changi Airport Recreational Centre, 12 Dec 2015
An inaugural year-end event held at the Changi Airport T2 Recreational Centre, with about 100 alumni members attending the event that marked a wonderful success. It was a great catching-up session within the alumni community and the flying instructors during the celebratory Christmas season.

PPL Wings & Aviation Awards Ceremony 2015, SYFC, 16 May 2015
This year, 47 students from various junior colleges and polytechnics have graduated the PPL Course.  Minister of State for Defence, Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman was the Guest of Honour for the ceremony. OCT Gerald Lim achieved the Best in Flying this year.

Alumni After Wings Party 2015, SYFC, 16 May 2015
For the 5th year running, the After Wings Party has always been the awesomest night to remember. Claimed to be the most happening night of the year, the alumni community celebrated with the new batch of PPL graduates and rejoice the wonderful friendships forged along the way, with many more years to come. An event loaded with lip-smacking food and free flowing booze, it was a wonderful socialising experience one would never forget.

RedBull Air Race 2014, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 17-18 May 2014
The Alumni organised a trip to RedBull Air Race in Putrajaya, Malaysia, where this was the championship’s inaugural visit to Southeast Asia. It was a unique experience witnessing the air race up close and a visual spectacle unlike any other. Combined with speed, low altitude and manoeuvrability, what better way than to catch it all amongst the alumni community.

Race Highlights:

PPL Wings & Aviation Awards Ceremony 2014, SYFC, 3 May 2014
This year’s PPL Wings and Aviation Award Ceremony was held on the 3rd May 2014 at the SYFC Hanger. A total of 45 PPL graduates obtained their coveted Private Pilot Licence Wings, with Dr Mohamad Maliki Bin Osman, Minister of State for Defence, as the Guest-of-Honour. The Best in Flying and Best in Ground School award are both clinched by Quek Zhi Hao this year.

Alumni After Wings Party 2014, SYFC, 3 May 2014
An annual never-to-forget party held the night after the Wings Ceremony, it was a party gone wild where we welcome the SYFC alumni community back together with the newly awarded PPL graduates. From chatting with old friends, catching up good old reminiscence of our flying stories, and enjoying the fun in the music, it was yet another night to remember, a night with new friendships forged.