About Us

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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Our Mission

To promote aviation and inculcate a strong passion for flying among our youths.

Our Vision

To be a world class aviation training centre for youths.

Our Core Values

Safety Always
We set high safety standards in whatever we do.

We are passionate about developing our youths to realise their full

Focus on Team Excellence
We develop and empower our staff to work in synergy to create
value and growth for our stakeholders.

Continuous Learning & Innovation
We strive to exceed expectations through continuous improvement
and innovation.

Care for Staff & Students
We believe well-cared staff and students will contribute to higher productivity.

SYFC Constitution

Role & Mission of Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC)

The mission of the Singapore Youth Flying Club is to promote interest in aviation among Singapore’s youth and to inculcate in them a strong passion for flying. Since its establishment in 1971, SYFC has provided the opportunities for youths to experience flying and awarded many with the coveted Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and Wings. Many of our members are now RSAF pilots. Other ex-SYFC members have taken up other career vocations in RSAF, airlines and aviation-related companies. SYFC has, over the past 4 decades, become a vital source of talent for the RSAF and the nation’s aviation industry.

One of the key challenges facing SYFC is the ability to attract a wider reach of students who have a keen interest in aviation. SYFC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, implemented a CCA programme in secondary schools to enable younger students, those aged between 12 and 16 years old, to learn more about flying through aviation knowledge, simulator flying and aeromodelling activities. Currently, there are about 800 students from 82 schools who are participating in the SYFC’s aeromodelling CCA programme. The Club also provides modular aviators’ programmes to NCC units in schools and to schools keen on an aviation elective for their students. Such programmes will prepare and benefit the students in terms of aviation knowledge and skills, thus creating a healthy pool of potential aviators for the flying courses. To motivate students to achieve their full potential, SYFC provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their aeromodelling skills and compete in National, Regional and World Aeromodelling Championships.

Besides developing the skills required in flying and aeromodelling, SYFC embraces a holistic approach in nurturing and developing the students including character building and leadership development. These are achieved through experiential learning activities, competitions, assuming leadership roles and participation in community involvement projects. The objective is to nurture and develop life skills such as leadership, discipline, responsibility, teamwork, decisiveness, perseverance and fighting spirit. SYFC, in partnership with MOE, NCC, Colleges and Schools, aims to provide a solid foundation to prepare our students for the challenges ahead.

“The YFC 21” Modernisation Plan

The Singapore Youth Flying Club embarked on a major modernization programme in 2000. The “YFC 21” modernization programme consisted of several major components. They were the CCA programme introduced in Secondary Schools in 2001; the introduction of two new fully aerobatic CT/4E aircraft in Jun 2002; the completion of a purpose-built building in 2003 which will be the centre for all SYFC activities; and the introduction of the Piper Warrior II flight simulator in 2006.

In Oct 2009, approval was obtained from MINDEF to replace the Club’s aging fleet of 12 Piper Warrior aircraft with a new generation trainer equipped with glass cockpit. The transition to the full fleet of 13 Diamond DA 40 aircraft which started in Jun 2010 marked the completion of the YFC 21 modernisation programme.

The quality and standards of the programmes conducted by the SYFC are consistently reviewed and validated through the ISO and SQC processes. The SYFC achieved its ISO 9001-2000 certificate by UKAS, a UK accredited body in Mar 06 and the Singapore Quality Class certification by Spring Singapore in Aug 07.

Award of the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) Wings

The PPL Wing signifies the attainment of a skill that many dream of acquiring, but very few achieve. Student trainees are required to complete 46 flights, 10 simulator flights, pass 6 ground exams and demonstrate proficiency in aircraft handling and safe landings all within a one year period. Every year, the SYFC organises a special ceremony to present these coveted wings and certificates to those who have successfully completed the PPL programme. Two awards, Best in Flying and Best in Ground School, shall be presented to two deserving graduates from each PPL cohort. STAe, our Aircraft Maintenance Contractor, also sponsored the “STAe Aviation Excellence Awards” (Best in Flying & Best in Ground School) to the top three students in each category on the PPL Course.